Motion Unlimited Museum
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Brings New Adventures

Bill is finishing up
his latest project.
A Rare! 1928 Marmon
Victoria Coupe.
It has been the most
challenging project
Bill has tackled.
They did not make 
very many of these
cars, and try to find
parts for a Marmon

Motion Unlimited Museum And Antique Car Lot.

As many of you already know we have
made some big changes at Motion Land.
The motorcycle collection has been
sold to a great group of collectors
who are enjoying our collection.
It was hard to see our 50 year
collection be packed up and sent
to the new owners.
We did keep our 1966 Harley
with the sidecar. It was just too
close to the family to let it go.

The motorcycles were fun,
but now it is time to move on.

The former motorcycle room has
been transfored to house several
beautiful and awesome vehicles.
Check out the 1934 Studebaker
dual sidemount tired coupe, 1921
Cadillac Touring Car, 1914 Ford
Model T C-Cab, 1931 Buick, and
1924 Chevy Touring Car. 

See the row of beautiful classic
and antique car engines,
several real neon
signs, gas pumps, and we still 
have a couple of motorcycles,
and a very early 3 wheeled
cart. The ladies in this
room are all decked out in
correct vintage era clothing.

We have gathered up some very
rare oil and gas memorablila
items, including oil cans.
History before your eyes.

The pedal vehicles, signs,
photos, vintage toys are
displayed throughout the
We now have a kids row of
vintage gas powered
cars on display.
A sure hit with the young,
and especially the young at
heart, who remember the days
of racing around in those
vintage kids gas powered
cars. How about a 1958
Corvette kids car, or
the Don Prudhome mini
drag car, and our
favortive Uncle Doc
built a one of a kind
race car with a custom
formed Pontiac Hood. 
Uncle Doc formed the
hood by shear manpower
using only his arms
to form the hood.
We Miss Uncle Doc.
He had some stories
to tell!  

Our collection has continued
to grow over the years, and
we have added a one of a kind
1956 Custom Mercury that Bill
owned since the late 1960s.

Bill has worked to finish
his 1962 Dodge Dart 440
Magnum he rescued from the
crusher north of Pierre SD.
This car was in very rough
condition, but now it shines
and is a star of its own.

When was the last time you
saw a 1941 Lincoln Continental
Coupe?  There were only
1,250 of these built. This
car has been updated to
cruise down the road in style.

The 1940 White Horse milk
truck, looks kind of like
a Divco, but looks better
is finished and is on display.
When the engine is running,
it sounds like a Harley
Sporster engine. Pretty
cool truck. 

We accquired a nice 1939
LaSalle sedan that fits
right in with our tastes.

Of course there are so many 
vehicles, toys, pedal cars, 
vintage bicycles, gas pumps,
signs, and so much memorabilia
to look at, you just can not
see it all in one visit.

When you pay for admission
remember your admission is
good for the whole season.
You pay once, and you get
to return as many times 
as you would like from
the season May to October.
Kids are free 12 and under.
Our admission has not 
increased for 10 years,
and is simply a best
value in the Black Hills.

We are open May to October
unless mother nature decides
winter comes early.  Closed
on Sundays.  Normal hours
are 9-6 M-F, and 9-4 Sat.
Sometimes we are closed 
for lunch, especially if
someone invites us and
they buy.

Our collection is always
changing, and evolving.
We call this place

Our Hobby That Got Out
Of Control. 

Cameras Are Allowed. 

YES, we do sell some of the
items and vehicles out of our 
museum collection.  So, just
ask. We can help you
with worldwide shipping.

The cars in the Antique
Car Lot out front are
for sale.  We have
titles for our vehicles,
and again offer shipping

P.S. The Marmon is Bill's
2012-2014 project.  

Happy Motoring
From Your Friends
Bill and Peggy Napoli